About us

About us


My name is Linda Nordahl Hartviksen, and I am the owner of Norlin Design. I sew children's clothes and doll clothes, as well as make prints for clothes, bibs and other products. I also make sewing patterns for those who want to sew themselves!

I usually sew on order according to the customer's own wishes. But sometimes I just sew to sew, and these products are put up for sale here. I sew both children's clothes and doll clothes, and like to match children and dolls in the same outfits!

I want that children's clothes should be soft and comfortable, and easy to move in, and I therefore sew clothes with good stretch that allow the children to move freely.

I only buy good quality fabrics, so the clothes I sew can handle the childs activity,

So if you want something for your child that not everyone else has, please contact: norlindesign@outlook.com

Special orders can have a delivery time of up to two weeks, but finished products in the online store will be shipped within a few days. I send all goods by mail, and have put a fixed shipping in the online store of 35NOK. Big orders may have a different shipping price, but we always make an agreement before shipping!

Feel free to follow me on my Facebook page; Norlin Design
And instagram; Madebynorlin