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New PDF Everyday happiness

kr 135.20
kr 169.00


Sewingpattern with many different outfits for both girl and boy doll.
kr 169.00

PDF Sew cool clothes for dolls

PDF pattern with 16 different garments for dolls;

kr 169.00

Norlin Square hat with ties - PDF

Norlin Square hat with ties

The pattern comes in four sizes; 0-4months, 4-12months, 1-2 year and 2-4 year ( 38-42cm, 42-46cm, 46-50cm and 50-54)

kr 95.00

PDF Norlin Beanie and buff

This pattern comes in four sizes; 6-12months, 1-3 year, 4-9 year og 10-adult


kr 95.00

Norlin Dress

Nice everyday dress in sizes 34-48 with more choices.
kr 129.00

Norlin bundle - PDF

In Norlin PDF package you get both Norlin square hat with ties and Norlin Beanie and buff

kr 169.00